Why You Should Become A Carpenter

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Carpentry is a skilled trade that requires workers to cut, install, and shape wooden building materials. Carpenters work on both commercial and domestic projects and their work is very diverse. But you might be wondering if carpentry is a good job to pursue?

Carpentry is a good job. It is well paid and allows you to work with your hands. While there are negatives like working outside in all weather, this role is good for hands-on and physically fit people. The choice to become a carpenter should be based on if it will make you happy, not just the potential of high wages.

If you’re thinking of becoming a carpenter, this article will cover some of the main questions you should ask before committing to the trade to see if carpentry would be a good job for you.

Carpentry is a good job because it is extremely varied and allows workers to choose from a number of different roles within the trade. You can specialise in precise areas meaning that the trade is extremely diverse, so you will always be able to find a job that suits your specific passions.

Commercial carpenters assist in the construction of buildings like hotels, hospitals, schools, and offices. Industrial carpenters specialise in helping to build large scale projects like dams, tunnel bracing, or sewer projects. So, carpentry can be extremely rewarding, especially if you are making something visually stunning which you can be proud of.

What is the demand for carpenters?

Carpentry is a very in-demand line of work with around 87% of carpenters in full-time employment compared to the national full-time employment average of 66%. Although other hands-on workers such as plumbers and electricians generally have higher wage brackets, carpenters’ wages still rest at several thousand dollars above national averages and even higher depending on which country you work in.

This means that you can always get a good job as a carpenter which will give you great employability and a trade which will always be useful.

Career progression for carpenters is very good. To become a carpenter, you will need a Certificate III in carpentry in most cases. This course is often completed as part of an apprenticeship that takes around around three or four years to be fully qualified, but you get paid an apprenticeship wage while you study. Carpentry requires great expertise and dedication over your career. So, if you are not willing to put the work in, then carpentry will not be a good job for you.

Although many begin their career as apprentices, a large number of carpenters are self-employed. This option allows for bigger salaries and more control over the types of work you do on a daily basis. Being your own boss can be extremely rewarding and can have amazing benefits for you both financially and mentally!

What personality do you need to be a carpenter?

To become a carpenter you want to be the type of person who likes being outdoors and those who can handle extreme conditions. You should always expect a lot of outdoor labour if you train to become a carpenter, although some will be indoors depending on which line of work you are in.

Working in intense heat or cold outside can be tough for some, so you need to be both mentally and physically prepared to do so before choosing to become a carpenter. Weather means that work can sometimes get cancelled, so it can be a bit unpredictable at time.

But, working outside can be a major positive. Those who love being outdoors, especially in warmer climates can really benefit from carpentry work. This job is good because it often allows you to be out in fresh air while you work so you won’t be stuck behind a desk wishing you were outside! If you like working in the open air, then carpentry could definitely be a good fit for you.

What is the physical strength of carpentry?

Carpentry is definitely a good job for people who are strong and fit as it is strenuous work which requires long periods of standing, kneeling, climbing, and lifting. This line of work is very physically demanding, so for those who are looking to build their strength and keep active on a daily basis, then this may be great work for you. However, if you are not able to do these tasks, then carpentry may be an unsuitable career path.

There is also some risk of injury in this line of work. Due to heavy lifting of wooden materials there are chances of muscle damage, cuts, slips, and falls. As well as this, machinery, heavy materials, sharp instruments, and power tools all come with dangers. As long as you are cautious and have high levels of concentration, then you should be fine and there is little reason to stress about accidents.

Can Carpenters Work From Home?

Carpentry generally requires you to work on site, making this career undesirable for those who like to work from home. Although working from home is often linked with operating from a computer, if you can pay the small start-up costs or already have power tools at home, then you will be able to do woodwork there in your spare time with the skills that you acquire from carpentry. This could give you a second stream of income and improve your carpentry skills at the same time.

So, although there are some drawbacks to becoming a carpenter, the positives hugely outweigh the negatives. Believing that carpentry is a ‘good’ job all depends on what type of person you are, what type of work you enjoy, and what you are looking for in a job. If you find joy in working with your hands every day, then why not train to become a carpenter?

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