Can I Use The Same Cover Letter For Multiple Jobs?

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Applying for jobs can be exciting and overwhelming and, sometimes, very time-consuming. You put in the effort to design a great resume and then get asked for a cover letter too? People enjoy saving time by reusing writing but, can you use the same cover letter for multiple jobs?

You shouldn’t use the same cover letter for multiple jobs because every company has different visions and requirements. A cover letter should be tailored to showcase how your skills will match the job at each specific company. This conveys your research and higher interest in working for the company.

We’re going to help you out a bit more with your cover letter queries. Read on to see!

Should I write a new cover letter for every job?

You should write a new cover letter for every job that you apply to because you want to address the company’s specific requirements. Cover letters are an introduction of yourself as a worker to a hiring manager and they will be searching for specific characteristics.

You want to show that you understand what the job that you’re applying for is and that you have researched it well. Your cover letter for every job should address their specific company values and position requirements. You might be applying for similar jobs, but there will always be differences between every company.Can I use the same cover letter for multiple jobs?

Writing a new cover letter for every job give you an opportunity to properly address the recruitment team, instead of using a generic greeting. It also allows you to paint a picture of yourself as a worker for them specifically. You want to tailor your writing to their professional standards to match the company. Explain why you meet each dot point in their employee requirement list. This is your chance to explain what you have to offer the company. It’s just like highlighting your most suitable qualifications by adapting your resume for different jobs.

A well-written cover letter can make all the difference between getting an interview or not. By tailoring your cover letter to each company, you’re showing that you care about your work. You will seem more eager to become a part of their team. This is also beneficial if the hiring company is using a recruitment agency to find workers. You will have an extra level of people to impress initially to move through the application process. For example, a business might request labour hire from somewhere like Canberra Labour Hire. It is our job to organise the most qualified and reliable labour workers for the job. If you customise your cover letter for the job, you’re more likely to be interviewed because you already pointed out why you’re a good match.

Why you shouldn’t send the same cover letter to different employers

Why should I make a new cover letter for every job?You shouldn’t send the same cover letter to different employers because eventually it will come across as generic and won’t be tailored to their wants. Hiring teams provide dot-points in job descriptions of what characteristics and qualifications they are searching for. You should use these dot points, addressing them briefly in your cover letter. This way you are showing how you check all of their boxes for this job.

By tailoring your cover letter to each company, you are also giving your personality more of a chance to show. Think of how you would act at each company for an interview. The way you act at job interviews changes with every interview. Apply this to your cover letter writing to make it more personal. Then you have a great combination of matching their requirements while showcasing your personality.

Employers also examine your cover letter for how much research you have put into the company. If you don’t show any evidence that you have checked out the company as well as the job, you’re less likely to gain an interview. A great thing to research is the company’s main ideas and values. These might be similar to other companies, but they will always have their own unique touch. If you send the same cover letter to multiple companies, you are risking not showing an understanding of these company visions.

A recent survey found that 83% of all hiring decision-makers would give an applicant a chance if they received a good cover letter, even if the applicant had a lacklustre resume. By tailoring and personalising every cover letter, you are greatly increasing your chances of being requested for an interview. For an extra 20 minutes during a job application – why wouldn’t you do it?

What parts of a cover letter can I reuse?

While you should tweak your cover letter for different jobs, there are parts of it that can be reused. You can keep all your contact information, skills, and education. But adjust the description of your skills to explain why they are important for helping that specific company. Your skills will match the requirements of many jobs, but the companies and specific roles will all be different in some way. You want to explain why all the things that you won’t change (education, skills, experience) are the exact reason you are perfect for the position.Is it a good idea to reuse a cover letter?

When it comes to changing your cover letter for different jobs, you just want to focus on incorporating their visions into your skills. Because it is only a brief introduction to who you are, you don’t need to completely scrap your cover letter every time. Keep mentions of your qualifications, experience, and skills, but explain why they are useful for that job specifically. This is all part of writing cover letters for multiple jobs instead of using the same cover letter.

Can I reuse a cover letter at the same company?

You shouldn’t reuse a cover letter at the same company or when applying for multiple jobs. Even if it is a position at a company you already work at, it’s important to adapt your cover letter for the specific job. You show that you have put more time and effort into your application and that you appreciate the work by hiring managers too. Plus, you never know what might draw them to you. You might add an extra sentence to your second cover letter that completely catches their eye. That could be the sentence that gets you the job interview.

You can use a similar, but not an identical cover letter at the same company you have already applied to. The company will still have the same visions in mind. It’s your task to change how you explain your skills to match these visions in a different job position. If you can show your versatility through two different applications at the same company, you will get the attention of employers.

The job application process is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. You want to make sure that you do everything right along the way. Have you wondered if you should call about a job application? Sometimes you successfully make it through the hiring process, but then a job turns out different than advertised. We have lots of work guidance and more on our Canberra Labour Hire blog! If you’re looking to hire labour workers in Canberra, reach out and let us help you find the perfect person for the job!