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Residential Construction in Canberra.

Our company supplies both casual and permanent staff to residential construction firms in Canberra.

Hire a General Labourer at an hourly rate of $57.91 per hour.

Welcome to Canberra Labour Hire.

For more than five years, Canberra Labour Hire has been catering to the needs of the Canberra Region. It is a family-owned and operated business that has steadily grown due to our unwavering commitment to strong ethics, values, and high professional standards.

We provide labour services to all suburbs of Canberra, such as Fyshwick, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Belconnen, Woden, and Tuggeranong as well as neighbouring NSW towns, such as Queanbeyan, Goulburn and Bungendore.

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Residential Construction Services.

We Provide Employers With Two Options.

At Canberra Labour Hire, we provide reliable casual labor hire services with the opportunity for permanent placement in the future. We suggest that all clients test our candidates before making a commitment to long-term employment.

Temporary Hire.

Temporary labour service enables our clients to hire people as and when needed.

A minimum four-hour shift applies, and we usually have people qualified and placed within 24 hours.

Temp To Permanent Hire.

Our temporary-to-permanent hire model allows employers to easily request the hiring of any of our temporary workers. 

What sets us apart is that we charge a fixed fee of $4,950 plus GST, rather than a percentage of the employee’s salary like other companies.

Option 1 - Labour Hire Services.

Employers will only pay a FIXED HOURLY RATE.
Hire General Labourers from only $57.91 per hour.

Once we have considered the candidate’s experience, we will come to an agreement on an hourly rate, which will be invoiced to you on a monthly basis.

Candidate Enquiry.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly provide you with our terms and conditions for your review and agreement.

Source Candidates.

Our team will review the current pool of candidates to determine their availability and evaluate their suitability.

Candidates Placed.

We will verify with you the attendees and register them on our mobile application to streamline the timesheet process.

We Pay Candidates.

We will verify the hours worked by each candidate, and subsequently, we shall issue an invoice to you while we pay the candidate.

Option 2 - Temp To Perm or Recruitment Services.

FIXED FEE of $4,950.00 plus GST only if you hire.

We recommend that employers give our candidates a trial period of at least two weeks before deciding whether they are a good fit for the position and should be offered a full-time role.

We Advertise.

We will design your ad and advertise the job opening on various job platforms and socials.

We Assess.

Our team will review every jobseeker resume and carefully select candidates for an interview.

We Interview.

We will personally meet with each shortlisted candidate and conduct an in-person interview.

You Trial or Hire.

Our team will present you with a minimum of three candidates for you to trial or hire.

What can we help you with today?

We are here to assist you. Kindly inform us of your needs, and we will find your desired role and experience.

Why Canberra Labour Hire?

We've been supporting local residential builders for over 5 years.

As your partner, we understand that residential construction companies prioritise their core business. That’s why we take on the responsibility of hiring and only send one monthly invoice. As an employer, we aim to reduce the burden of worrying about tasks like interviewing, payroll, taxes, and regulatory compliance, among others.

One Invoice.

You can expect to receive a monthly invoice that reflects the amount of hours worked.

Permanent Hire.

You can contact us at any time to request our team’s assistance in hiring either casual or permanent employees.

No Commitment.

You have the freedom to hire as many casual workers as needed, without being obligated to make a long-term financial commitment.

We Qualify People.

Rest assured that we have extensive experience in conducting interviews and identifying the most suitable candidates for your needs.

Residential Construction Jobs Keep Growing In Canberra?

The residential sector in Canberra is currently booming, and it’s not surprising that many people are flocking to the city.

Canberra needs more homes built for several reasons.

Population Growth: The population of Canberra has been steadily increasing over the years which has been driven by factors such as job opportunities, a high standard of living, and the presence of educational institutions. As the population grows, the demand for housing also increases, necessitating the construction of more homes.

Affordable Housing: Like many other cities, Canberra faces challenges in providing affordable housing options for its residents. The cost of housing has been rising, making it difficult for many individuals and families to find affordable homes. 

Urbanisation and Development: Urbanisation is a global trend, and Canberra is no exception. As more people are attracted to urban areas, housing in city centres and well-connected suburbs becomes crucial. Building more homes can accommodate this demand.

Rental Market Demand: The rental market in Canberra is also experiencing high demand. Factors such as a transient population, students, and professionals seeking temporary accommodation contribute to the need for more rental properties. 

Economic Growth and Job Creation: The construction industry plays a significant role in the economy, contributing to job creation and economic growth. Building more homes in Canberra can generate employment opportunities in construction and related sectors, boosting the local economy.

Future Planning and Preparedness: Building more homes is a proactive approach to future-proofing the city. By anticipating population growth and ensuring an adequate housing supply, Canberra can better manage urban development, infrastructure planning, and community needs in the long term.

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What Residential Contruction Companies Need To Know.

We offer valuable guidance on what employers need to know when hiring full-time employees.

Skills and Experience: Builders need to ensure that new hires possess the necessary skills and experience for the specific roles, and we recommend all employers to verify their skills through references or practical assessments.

Qualifications and Certifications: Builders must only employ people who do hold the appropriate licenses, certifications, and qualifications to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Safety Awareness and Training: Residential construction sites are inherently hazardous, and safety should be a top priority and recommend that employers must promote high safety standards.

Work Ethic and Reliability: Builders should only employ people with a strong work ethic and are naturally productive. Employers should be cautious to test people before committing.

Communication and Teamwork: Effective communication and teamwork are essential in residential construction projects and we recommend employers only to hire people with great communication skills.

Adaptability and Problem-Solving Skills: Construction projects often present unforeseen challenges and require quick thinking and problem-solving abilities. Builders should hire employees who can adapt to changing circumstances and think critically.

Cultural Fit and Company Values: Builders should consider whether the candidate aligns with the company’s values and culture. We recommend employers only hire people who share the same work ethic, values, and vision can contribute to a positive work environment.

Recent Testimonials.

"I highly recommend the recruitment services of Canberra Labour Hire. They have been a game-changer for our organisation in finding labourers, qualified trades-people and office staff. I encourage fellow employers to consider their services."
"From the moment we connected with Canberra Labour Hire, we felt the difference between dealing with a larger firm to a smaller company. They made us feel like an important client and not just a number like others, and we highly recommend them to anyone."
"What sets Canberra Labour Hire apart is their ability to source and attract the right people we need. We simply call them and tell them our needs, and they have the extensive network and recruitment strategies to source the talent we need."
"The team and Canberra Labour Hire are highly skilled and dedicated professionals that not only possess an in-depth understanding of our industry but also take the time to grasp our company culture, values, and vision comprehensively."
"What sets Canberra Labour Hire apart is their ability to source and attract the right people we need. Their extensive network and recruitment strategies have consistently presented us with a pool of exceptional individuals."
"Canberra Labour Hire, throughout the recruitment journey, has been exemplary. Their team is highly responsive, proactive, and attentive, providing regular updates and feedback that foster transparency and trust. They understand the urgency of filling crucial positions and work diligently to help you."

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