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Painter Vacancies in Canberra.

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Painting Jobs Available

Canberra Labour Hire experiences frequent inquiries from residential, commercial, and civil construction organizations in immediate need of workers, including painters. We are the ideal choice for individuals searching for both temporary and permanent painting positions, with numerous job openings available throughout the ACT.

Canberra Painter Roles

Are you seeking SECURE WORK & HIGHER PAY?

We require qualified residential and commercial painters Canberra wide. The right candidate will be knowledgeable and experienced in similar roles and fields.

We would be thrilled to connect with painters like yourself. Kindly submit your resume and pay us a visit.

Painter Job Description

We are looking to hire experienced painters in Canberra to fill various positions around the ACT.

Painters are vital members of a building team due to their contributions in multiple aspects. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of both interior and exterior spaces, protect surfaces from environmental damage, maintain and preserve painted surfaces, pay attention to intricate details, and collaborate with other professionals to achieve desired design goals. Their expertise and craftsmanship add value to construction projects, resulting in visually appealing, durable, and well-maintained buildings.

Some fields and building types which make frequent use of painters include:

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Renovations and Remodelling
  • Industrial Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • Decorative and Specialty Projects

Are you looking for a painting role that you can grow and develop in? Contact us now as we are currently conducting interviews to find the right candidates! While specific experience in residential and commercial painting is preferred, we are taking all experience levels. Be one of the first on our call list by submitting your application today.


Would you like:

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  • Steady Income?
  • Secure Employers?
  • Meal Allowances?
  • Overtime Pay?
  • Penalty Rates?

Painter Position Duties Include

Painting roles contain many tasks, such as:

  • Making onsite preparations, e.g. building scaffolding, covering fixtures, etc.
  • Preparing walls and other surfaces for painting by scraping, using sandpaper, removing old paint, etc.
  • Filling cracks and holes with appropriate materials, e.g. plaster
  • Mixing paint and other materials to prepare the right colours or textures
  • Painting surfaces according to instructions, using various tools
  • Applying varnish and other finishes

Painting Canberra Essential Criteria

The successful candidate must be an Australian citizen and will have:

  • Proven experience as a painter
  • Excellent knowledge of painting material and how to select, mix, and apply them
  • Solid knowledge of commercial and / or construction painting techniques
  • Manual dexterity with excellent balance to work on scaffolding, ladders, etc.

Previous experience in commercial and / or residential painting is preferred in a candidate.

You must also possess these qualifications:

  • White Card
  • ACT Asbestos Awareness Certificate

Specifics of this Painter Job

  • Competitive Rates
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Ongoing Position

To Apply for this Role

To apply, please email your resume to george@canberralabourhire.com.au or contact us at 0472 681 561 via call or text for a discussion.

At Canberra Labour Hire, we understand the importance of income and are dedicated to assisting individuals in finding employment. We are committed to equal opportunities, promoting diversity, and encouraging applications from individuals of all age groups.

Location – 5/44 Hoskins Street, Mitchell ACT

Email – george@canberralabourhire.com.au  

Website – https://canberralabourhire.com.au

Benefits of Painter Work

Working in the construction industry as a painter places you in a variety of projects and settings. From residential homes to commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and even public infrastructure, you are exposed to diverse environments and challenges. This variety keeps the job interesting and allows for continuous learning and growth.

As a Canberra painter, you also have the satisfaction of seeing the tangible results of your work. You can witness the transformation of a space from bare surfaces to beautifully painted areas, enhancing its overall appeal and functionality. This sense of accomplishment and pride in your craftsmanship can be a significant motivating factor.

Additionally, being a painter often offers stability and job security. There is a constant demand for skilled painters, as your expertise is required in every construction project. This demand ensures a steady flow of work opportunities and the potential for long-term employment.

The construction industry also provides potential for career advancement and growth. Experienced painters can take on supervisory roles, or become project managers. The skills and knowledge acquired in the field can pave the way for future success and increased earning potential.

Canberra Painting Work Available

Canberra Labour Hire provides excellent employees to businesses and companies across Canberra in suburbs such as Tuggeranong, Fyshwick, Belconnen and Gungahlin. Our employees may work in both residential and commercial work sites, offering a diverse and interesting career in the local area.

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