How Do You Get Into Construction Without Experience?

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With the industry booming lately, there are hundreds of construction job openings all over the country. Some require years of experience and others very little. This leaves people wondering how to get into construction without experience.

To get into construction without experience, you need to apply for entry-level positions such as general labouring. You will need to obtain a white card and OHSA certification before attending a worksite. There are many roles that offer on-the-job training for you to build your experience as you go.

Here’s what you need to know about getting into construction without experience.

Can you get into construction without experience?

It is absolutely possible to get into construction without prior experience. Experience is often preferred but is not always a requirement to get a career in construction started. If you’re completely new to the field, there are job opportunities that offer training as part of your employment. There are also plenty of courses and classes that you can take to expand your knowledge!

If you’re looking at joining the construction industry, you’re likely to have some personal experience with at home renovation. Maybe you have helped out friends and neighbours with home projects. This does count as experience! It just isn’t considered professional experience.

How to start a construction career with no experience

Can you get into construction without experience?There are a few key steps to follow in order to start and maintain a successful career in construction with no experience. Before you can legally work on any construction site, you need to complete an induction course in general construction. From this, you will get a white card certification that permits you to work on construction sites across Australia. You might also need to get an OHSA certification. This shows you have completed a course in safety standards on a building site. By combing these two certifications, you will be able to show basic understandings of the constriction field and that you can be trusted to work on a site professionally. It’s illegal to work on a construction site without a white card, which is why you need to complete this induction before applying for work.

After getting the rights cards needed to work on a construction site, you can follow these steps to find work:

Determine the area of construction you want to work in

The construction industry is very big and has many different career options, which is why you need to choose a ‘specialty’. This doesn’t mean you need to have previously had professional experience or extra training initially. It is just deciding the specific area of construction that you want to work in. Popular areas of construction for people with little to no experience include road workers, road painters, landscapers and hired labour workers.

Create and build on a resume for construction work

Even without construction experience, you can build a good resume by discussing any non-professional experience you have. If you don’t have any construction schooling behind you, it’s great to find some short beginner construction courses to complete. These courses can go for a few weeks or months, depending on what area of construction you’re looking at. You can also apply for apprenticeships that are short-term. These will give you enough training to put on a resume and get a job in construction without much experience.

Look into entry-level construction jobs

There are many construction companies that will hire inexperienced workers and offer on-the-job training. A good place to approach can be a labour hire company. They are designed to connect construction employers with reliable labour workers. They will also be able to help you as a worker find a position that suits your skills and can help with getting some training under your belt.

What are some entry-level construction jobs?

What are good construction jobs for workers with no experience?There are quite a few options for entry-level construction jobs that you can do while completing training for higher positions. Sometimes you have to start out with cleaning or yard work, but you can move your way up in the industry as you go.

While it’s important to gain proper training along the way, there are a few jobs in construction that are easier for entry-level workers to get. These include:

  • Carpentry labourer
  • Painting labourer
  • General contractor
  • Heavy equipment operator

Other ways to get experience as an entry-level construction worker can include:

Beginner construction work apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are 1–4-year job opportunities that provide their employees with on-the-job training with the benefit of still making an hourly wage. You can earn while you learn! This is a great entry-level construction job because it allows you to learn about the field over an extended timeframe and doesn’t require prior experience. Finding an apprenticeship is one of the best options to get into construction without experience because you’re setting yourself up to advance in your career.

Look for manual labour jobs

Job sites today allow small businesses and even homeowners to post jobs they need done, often referred to as manual labour jobs. These can often be more simple tasks like cleaning, painting, stock, yard work, organizing and even paperwork. But they are a good way to build up your resume. Manual labour jobs don’t typically require lots of experience and are great entry-level jobs for construction workers with no experience.How to start a construction career with no experience

Is construction a good career?

Joining the field of construction can lead to an exciting and rewarding career. There are dozens of subfields within the area of work as well as hundreds of employment opportunities opening each day. In fact, there is said to be a 10% increase in the demand for construction workers over the next decade, which means building a construction career is a great idea. The construction field provides workers with the opportunity to work with their hands, engage with new people, and create something that they can be proud of. Construction is a good career for anyone who likes to work hard and be in a constantly stimulating environment.

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