Is It A Good Idea To Double Major?

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Double majors involve studying two separate fields for one-degree qualification. But not everyone agrees on the same value of a double major, it really depends on which employers you ask. In some fields, having a double major is extremely useful, giving you an edge over your competitors, in others, employers don’t really care.

Double majors can be a good idea to expand career opportunities and develop a more well-rounded education than a single major student. It is the end result that may be more beneficial. But it can be difficult to balance a double major and split academic focus between two fields. The higher stress of a double major can impact your grades.

There are different factors that will determine the benefits of your degree, but is a double major ‘worth it’. If you have an equal interest in both fields then this option could definitely be the best choice. It would allow you to explore two avenues of interest without having to give up one of your passions. It’s a best of both worlds scenario if you can handle the workload and maintain your passion throughout your studying period.

The ‘worth’ of the double major is also impacted by what job you want to get at the end of it. For instance, if you want to be a lawyer, then splitting your major could negatively impact your job prospects. This is because you haven’t fully dedicated your tertiary studies to law, potentially making you less qualified in the eye of employers. Just because it’s their belief that those who only focused on law will have a better grounding in the subject and study it more depth. This might not necessarily be true, but it can be an assumption by certain employers. Your major contributing to your career can vary depending on what you hope to achieve as an occupation.

There are cases where double majors can improve your job prospects by showcasing to employers your experience in two fields. You may appear as a skilled multi-tasker who can handle lots of information at once. Your versatility can also be very appealing if your two majors complement one another and can be applied to the same workforce. It really depends on the individual employer and what they’re looking for from their applicants.The good things about doing a double major

What is the point of a double major?

The point of a double major is that it allows you to study two subjects that you are equally as enthusiastic about at once. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice either of your passions and can study both things that you love. It also can give you two or more career paths to follow once you finish your degree. This is especially beneficial if the two majors intertwine in their practices. For example, psychology knowledge can help in a business setting, which is why business and psychology is a popular double major choice. And by having both of these under your belt, you might find it takes less time to get good at your job.

Doing this also helps those who are stuck between two subjects decide what they want to do with their lives. Generally, a lot of colleges allow you to begin on a double major and then eventually drop down to just one should you want to. This way you get to test out both options and figure out which might be a better suit for you. But make sure that you check with your desired double major offering university first if this is what you plan to do!

Is it difficult to have a double major?

In some cases, doing a double major may be more stressful than doing a single major. You might struggle to find the correct balance between your subjects, especially if any core classes clash. This could cause you to miss out on vital information, meaning you then have to catch up on it in your spare time. This can add even more stress to your busy schedule and, in turn, negatively impact your grades.

As a result, you might have less free time to do the extracurricular activities you love, meet up with your pals, or relax. A double major could also add more time to your degree which could add an element of financial stress too.

But, if you love both subjects and are good at them, then a double major shouldn’t be too stressful. You should try and gather as much course information as you can before making your decision. Be prepared for extra work compared to your single major peers. You will also need to be on top of your time management to help handle stress and cope with the extra studies. But don’t let the possibility of stress put you off if you really want to do a double major.

Do employers like double degrees?

Do employers care about double majors?Doing a double major doesn’t automatically promise you more opportunities in life. But, in many fields, such degrees are recognised by employers as giving people a wider skill set. Also, a breadth of knowledge that single-subject students aren’t necessarily exposed to.

Double majors also offer you a backup plan should you want to change your career path later down the line. This is especially helpful if the two majors are complimentary such as History and English, Psychology and Criminal Justice, or Media and Journalism. It’s an extra safety net to fall back on in times where it feels like your career isn’t going anywhere.

Undeniably, a double major will give you more opportunities to network with your professors and your cohorts. This means that as a double major student, you could have double the number of contacts that single major students have.

This could be extremely helpful when looking for jobs in the future as you never know where people will end up. As they always say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that will bring you the most opportunities. So, by expanding your personal and professional network through a double major, who knows how big your opportunity pool could get!

Does a double degree make you more employable?

A double major most likely won’t affect your job prospect as much as you might think. Employers don’t look at your degree as the be-all and end-all of your job application. So, there’s no need to stress too much about doing a double major or not, job-wise at least. If your majors are relevant to the job in some way, employers won’t be put off from hiring you.

Those looking to hire also care much more about your experience and what you can offer their company as an individual that other applicants can’t. This is more important in what employers look for compared to what your degree is in. No employers will have a double major as a requirement for getting a job. But they can be attractive in making you stand out from other applicants going for the same role.

When it comes down to it, double majors are great options if you want more room to explore two subjects. Your majors are merely vehicles for you to tell employers what you’re interested in and how your knowledge can benefit their company.

So, don’t be too stressed when trying to pick your majors. Remember, a lot of universities let you swap and change as a freshman anyway!

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