Is A Career In Construction Good?

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Construction is one of the biggest industries in our world which can lead to lots of people considering a career or business in it. We don’t blame you for thinking big! It seems like a good industry to get into. So, is a career in construction good?

The job security, relevance, versatility, and good pay makes a career in construction good and worthwhile. It can be a tough job, but it offers many opportunities to advance in your career and learn lots of useful skills. The average salary for a construction labourer is $58,499 a year in Australia.

It is about more than the money though. There are many benefits to having a career in construction.

What are the benefits of working in construction?

There are many benefits to having a career in construction, including salary and job security. Let’s take a look at the reasons why a career in construction is good!

Is being a construction worker worth it for a good career?Job security for construction careers

A career in construction is good because it offers job security for a lot of workers. There are always new construction projects on the go and once you secure a job, you’re likely to be kept on until the project is finished. But if you aren’t kept on that project, it’s often because more workers are needed on another project. So, you can feel good in the sense that you should always have a job on some construction site.

Relevance and demand for construction workers

Linked to job security, there is always a demand for construction workers which is why a career in construction is a good idea. Whether it is for the newest apartment complex, skyscraper, bridge, or a renovation – construction workers are needed. This means your skill set will always be relevant and sought after. A great worker has a variety of skills and can be useful to multiple projects. By becoming a construction worker, you can meet a bunch of needs, gain loads of different skills and answer the demands of many projects. A good way to constantly be hired is to connect with a labour hire company. Employers will approach these companies looking for general labour workers and skilled labour workers. Proving your reliability and skills will encourage labour hire companies to constantly recommend you for more work!

Work in an exciting and stimulating construction space

Construction careers can be exciting and constantly stimulating which is very appealing to workers. There are constantly new projects and problems to tackle. You will take part in big and small projects, each with different requirements and specifications. Architects are becoming more creative with their building designs which can create a cool challenge for construction workers.

Every day will be a bit different. Plus, building sites have a lot happening at once which is very stimulating for workers. It will keep you engaged with what is happening to stay safe while completing the work.

Earn a good salary from a career in construction

Your salary as a construction worker depends on your experience and expertise, as well as the location and type of job. Generally, construction workers earn over $55,000 annually. This changes with the hours you work and the location because overtime in remote areas boosts the pay a lot.

The position you choose to take within the construction industry will also greatly influence the salary. $60,000 is an average annual salary for a construction labour worker. The average annual salary for a construction manager in Australia is around $108,000. This does require more certifications and training but can be a very rewarding position.

Teamwork makes construction a good careerConstruction careers involve teamwork

If you’re big on teamwork, a career in construction will be good for you! There might be an ‘I’ in construction, but every project takes a whole team to be made. At every level of the construction industry, you will find teams of people working together. They come up with the building designs, safety, materials, organise worksites and ultimately build! You won’t be stuck doing a construction project by yourself – there will always be a team to work together. This reduces stress in the workplace because you are relying on one another to help out and get the job done.

Reduce study loans by working in construction

There are quite a few building diplomas that count as job training and can be completed with minimal fees. This means that you could build a career in construction without having a lot of student debt. You will be able to put more money into your savings long before others that continued through university. Most of the costs you will have to work in construction will just be paying for the cards needed to work on a construction site.

See immediate results as a construction worker

The great part about having a career in construction is that you will constantly be seeing the progress and outcomes of your hard work. Every day you will see how much you are accomplishing and can feel really good about how quickly things come together. You will find satisfaction in being able to physically see the progress.

With all these benefits, the next thing to consider is what having a career in construction and working in it is like.

What is working in construction like?

Working in construction requires a lot of hard work and drive. You will have early mornings, sometimes with a bit of a commute to the worksite. The day is spent, as a labour worker, with lots of constant physical activity. The thing to remember is that you will be creating the buildings and roads that thousands of people will use. They are trusting you, as a construction worker, to get the job done right to ensure their safety. So, you will have to pay attention to detail and follow instructions perfectly.

Throughout the day you will also use problem-solving skills to sort out any issues that come up during projects because there is always something to fix.

Exhaustion is common amongst construction workers, but so many claim that it is a satisfying feeling at the end of the day. You’ll know that you worked hard. Workers from the construction industry talk about taking pride in getting the job done right the first time. There are lots of satisfying results from working in construction, even though it is hard work.

What are the opportunities for advancement for a Construction worker?

There are many opportunities to advance a career in construction for Australians. More offers keep coming up as long-time labourers are recognised for their knowledge, allowing them to advance without more certifications. Construction labourers can advance to project manager positions, construction supervisors, heavy equipment operators and more!

Being such a large industry, there are so many construction pathways and skills to learn. The more activities you take part in, the more opportunities you will find. You can also participate in apprenticeships and professional certifications. The more skills and qualifications you gather, the more you will advance in your construction career. With the steady growth of these opportunities, you shouldn’t run out of positions to conquer as a construction industry worker!

Does being a construction worker pay well?Does being a construction worker pay well?

Being a construction worker in Australia can pay well – the average annual pay for a labour worker ranges from $45,000 to $87,000. This can be broken down to between $22 and $32 an hour. The average bonus for construction labour workers is between $17,000 and $26,000. Construction workers earn more depending on location, project, and skills, as we mentioned. So, you could come home with a really good salary if you put in the effort!

Is being a construction worker worth it?

With job security and good money, having a career in construction can be worth it. You will gain skills in all different areas and constantly be a part of the development of our cities. For people who prefer hands-on work, being a construction worker is a great idea. You won’t experience office stress and you get to work with teams of people similar to yourself. It can be a very social career with lots of opportunities to advance your construction career or follow another path.

The construction projects are constantly evolving and provide a very stimulating work environment. Ultimately, you should never run out of work, which can be the sole reason for making this a worthwhile career.

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