Overcoming labour shortages: How we’re addressing the labour shortages in Canberra.

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Canberra is experiencing a labour shortage, and as a supplier to many entities, we need to be tactical as to how we grow our talent pool.

As a company, we have had to consider how to address the challenge of labour shortages carefully. This article highlights the ways in which we have employed strategic and creative approaches to assist our clients.

Ways that we’ve addressed the skills gaps.

Strategically, we have attracted individuals from other industries and motivated them to explore opportunities in the construction sector, including civil, residential, and commercial sectors.  Our organisation has achieved significant success by sourcing individuals with a strong work ethic and positive attitude. We strategically utilise the “General Labourer” position as a gateway to the civil, residential, and commercial sectors.

Also, we have partnered with various vocational education and training institutions to enhance our candidates’ skills and support them in obtaining their necessary qualifications. It is crucial to note that we have chosen a specific set of employers who are willing to hire individuals with little to no experience. These employers have established procedures and personnel in place to provide on-the-job training and skill transfer.

“We are breaking down gender barriers and encouraging women to consider a career within the construction industry.”

Encouraging women to pursue careers in construction requires a multi-faceted approach that includes education, awareness, and support. At Canberra Labour Hire, we actively work to encourage women to get over the stereotypes that may prevent them from considering careers in the construction industry. 

We promote female role models within the construction industry and showcase their successes to highlight the opportunities available for women in the sector.

Our organisation provides educational resources to help women understand different roles and career paths. We also prioritise finding supportive employers who share our vision of supporting women. Our goal of breaking down gender barriers and promoting careers in the construction industry has resulted in our company attracting women of all ages and will continue to do so.

We encourage migrants to gain their accreditation and qualifications and commence with General Labouring.

Australia has a diverse population, with many skilled migrant workers seeking opportunities to start their careers upon arrival.

Canberra Labour Hire - Supporting Migrants

Instead of viewing language barriers as a hindrance, we see them as a chance to aid new Australians respectfully. We take pride in our capacity to help them transition smoothly.

It is crucial to encourage migrants to join the construction workforce in Canberra, as it can help address the labour shortage. Fortunately, many employers are willing to provide opportunities to these individuals.

Canberra Labour Hire offers vocational education and training programs that assist migrants in obtaining the skills and credentials required to work in the construction industry.

We also offer coaching and mentoring assistance and help with making personal connections to community leaders and potential employers to kickstart your networking efforts.

As a labour-hire agency, we’re proud to have made a difference to hundreds of people.

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