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Carpenter’s Assistant Jobs in Canberra

Every single day, Canberra Labour Hire receives numerous calls from residential, commercial, and civil construction organizations desperately in need of workers like carpenter’s labourers.

We excel in providing opportunities for individuals seeking both short- and long-term casual carpentry labouring positions, and we currently have multiple vacancies available throughout the ACT.

Carpenter Labourers Roles

Are you seeking SECURE WORK & HIGHER PAY?

We are currently hiring carpentry labourers Canberra wide. The right candidates will have experience in the field, and will be reliable and able to take initiative.

If you are a carpenter assistant, please send us your resume and visit us in person! We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss this opportunity further.

Carpenter’s Labourer Job Description

Right now we are hiring experienced chippy assistants in Canberra.

Carpenter labourers are integral to the overall construction team for several reasons. They provide crucial support and assistance to carpenters, handling tasks such as lifting heavy materials and organizing work areas. This allows carpenters to focus on their specialized skills, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Chippy labourers also contribute to maintaining a safe work environment by assisting with safety measures and adhering to protocols. Their presence helps prevent accidents and minimizes risks, ensuring the well-being of the entire team. Not only that, their flexibility and adaptability enable them to handle various carpentry-related activities, contributing to the successful completion of construction projects.

If you are a carpentry labourer looking for a role that you can develop and grow in, we are currently taking interviews! Be one of the first on our call list and submit your resume today.


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Carpentry Assistant Job Responsibilities

As a carpenter’s labourer you will work on a large number of tasks varying from site to site, assisting carpenters with their work. Some of these include:

  • Assembling and taking down wood structures and fixtures
  • Repairing damaged areas where / when needed
  • Measuring lengths, cutting wood, and holding beams while they are secured
  • Operating a variety of machines and tools to cut materials and assemble wood
  • Sanding surfaces to remove ridges, tool marks, glue, or caulking
  • Carrying panels, lumber, and tools from transport vehicles to work areas
  • Erecting scaffolding and braces for roofing and other contractors

Chippy Labourer Job Canberra Essential Criteria

To be successful in their application, any successful candidate must have:

  • White Card
  • ACT Asbestos Awareness Certificate
  • Their own transportation

The most sought-after skills in a carpenter labourer:

  • Physical strength
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality

Specifics of Chippy Assistants Role in Canberra

  • Hours: 40 per week
  • Job Types: Full-time
  • Long-term work on offer for the right people

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To apply for this position, please send your resume to george@canberralabourhire.com.au or contact us at 0472 681 561 to have a chat.

At Canberra Labour Hire, we value the importance of income and are committed to assisting individuals in finding employment. We are dedicated to equal employment opportunities, promoting diversity, and encouraging applicants of all age groups.

Location – 5/44 Hoskins Street, Mitchell ACT

Email – george@canberralabourhire.com.au  

Website – https://canberralabourhire.com.au

Benefits of Carpenter’s Labourers Work

Being a carpenter labourer offers several benefits and positives. There is a definite sense of job security within the construction industry. With ongoing projects and a strong demand for skilled tradespeople, you can enjoy stable employment and consistent work prospects.

Chippy labourer work also provides an opportunity for skill development. Through hands-on experience in various tasks such as material handling, tool operation, and adherence to construction site protocols, you can acquire valuable knowledge and expertise. These skills are transferable and can pave the way for further career advancement within the construction industry.

There are also a variety of projects available to carpenter labourers. You can work on diverse projects in different sectors, which keeps the work interesting and exposes you to different techniques, materials, and challenges. This exposure contributes to your professional growth and expands your skillset.

Canberra Carpenter Labourer Available

Canberra Labour Hire is dedicated to supplying exceptional employees to carpentry companies throughout Canberra, including suburbs like Gungahlin, Tuggeranong, Woden, and Belconnen. Our highly skilled workers have the opportunity to contribute their expertise to a wide range of projects in both residential and commercial work sites, creating a diverse and engaging career experience within the local area. Whether it’s constructing homes or working on large-scale commercial developments, our employees play a crucial role in the growth and success of the local construction industry.

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