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Canberra is booming and there are many reasons as to why labour work and construction jobs in Canberra are in demand.

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Canberra Labour Hire is always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team! Want a job where you can use your skills to earn a good living or need help getting your foot in the door at a great employer?

We help top companies in Canberra to get great people. As a recruitment agency, it is our role to make sure that we match our staff with the right job.

So if you have any trade experience and qualifications, or any experience with labour work, we will always try and match you with the best job fit for you.

As a team, we build a reputation of reliability with our clients across the building industry. It is this reputation that keeps our company strong and provides ample available construction jobs for our staff.

Construction Work Canberra

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Current Job Opportunities:

Fill out our registration form below to apply for construction jobs, and we’ll contact you to schedule an interview if we have a suitable vacancy.  Please note that only individuals eligible to work in Australia should apply.  Please note, we respond to every individual. However, we only interview those who meet our strict evaluation standards.

Unlocking the Door to Canberra's Building Sector:

Seize the opportunity to be a part of the bustling building industry in Canberra. Whether you’re a seasoned labourer or an eager novice embarking on this career path, our agency is ready to be your partner in finding you jobs in building and construction. View our construction jobs available, and apply today! Let us help you set up a gratifying and prosperous career in the heart of Australia’s capital!

Unveiling a World of Building and Development Opportunities in Canberra
Are you a skilled and dedicated labourer or construction worker looking for construction jobs Canberra wide? If you're on the lookout for enriching jobs in construction industry, your search ends here! Our labour hire and recruitment agency have established ourselves as a go-to agency for employers to access the local talent pool for construction workers in the Australian Capital Territory.
Exploring Building and Development Work at the Heart of Canberra
At our agency, we're dedicated to offering more than just jobs in construction. We're here to provide you construction work opportunities that align with your goals. Let's turn your passion for building into a rewarding and successful career journey. With our expertise, finding the perfect construction job has never been easier. Your aspirations and our commitment create the perfect partnership for your career advancement.
Canberra Jobs at Your Fingertips
At the core of our agency is an unwavering dedication to excellence, proved through our commitment to bringing you the best construction jobs Canberra wide . We aim to use your unique skills to thrive within the dynamic landscape of the city's building industry. With us as your construction labour agency partner, you'll be expertly guided journey toward a fulfilling and prosperous career path with interesting jobs in construction.
Simplified Application Process with a Personal Touch
Starting on your journey towards securing that ideal construction job is now smoother than ever. Our carefully designed application process is not just efficient but also incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly submit your details, whether you're a skilled tradesperson or looking for labouring work, and take that crucial step toward realising your career dreams with confidence.

Connecting You to Local Jobs in Construction

As a labour hire and recruitment agency, Canberra Labour Hire is like a bridge to some of the best building and development companies in the area. With lots of connections built up through years of dedicated service, we help enthusiastic workers looking for jobs in the building industry to get connected with big industry names like the ones listed below. 

Our agency’s mission is to pave the way for you to access top-tier opportunities, helping you build a career alongside the best in the civil and building industry field. We want to help you find great construction jobs Canberra wide and build a career with some of the best leaders in the industry. By teaming up with us to apply for placements with local employers, you gain an edge in the competitive construction job market. We meticulously match your skills, preferences, and aspirations with the needs of our clients available jobs in building and construction, aiming for a perfect match that propels both your career and the industry forward.

Canberra Labour hire experience

We’re like matchmakers for the building industry, connecting workers with builders, and sub-contracting tradespeople who need help to finish projects.

This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for workers to learn a variety of skills related to building. You can try out different tasks across a range of trades. This is great work experience and makes you ready to take on new challenges.

So, when workers team up with us it’s a win-win situation: projects get completed, and workers get a broad range of experience enabling us to put them forward for more and more interesting and rewarding roles.

The Canberra Building Sector Advantage

Local Jobs In Construction Industry

Opening Doors to Opportunities:

Your Path to a Rewarding Building Sector Career in Canberra

At the core of our identity as a dedicated construction labour agency is an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our specialisation lies in meticulously analyzing available construction jobs within the region and then diligently sourcing these job opportunities for our candidates. Central to our primary mission is the unwavering dedication to ensuring that your distinct skills and specialised expertise are seamlessly matched with the perfect building jobs that allow you to shine within the dynamic and captivating urban landscape of the city. We take enormous pride in not just connecting workers with jobs, but in fostering relationships that lead to long-term success and growth within the building industry.

Diverse Roles for Construction Labourers:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned construction labourer with years of experience under your belt or an enthusiastic newcomer looking for construction jobs, our treasure trove of roles caters to various skill levels and diverse backgrounds.

From entry-level general labourer positions to more advanced labouring jobs like brickies labourers, chippies labourers, sparkie labourers and more, we’ve gathered a comprehensive selection of construction job openings across various building jobs. Whether you’re a skilled tradesman or just looking for labouring work, we have something for everyone.

Flexibility Tailored to You

Recognising the uniqueness of each individual, we offer a range of both full time construction jobs and part-time construction jobs, accommodating the distinctive preferences and schedules of all our candidates.

Matchmaking Redefined

Our construction labourer agency thrives on the art of pairing the perfect candidates with the ideal building and development placements. This, in turn, makes an ideal relationship where job seekers and employers mutually benefit from each other.

Efficiency Is Our Priority:

We know that your time is valuable and we fully respect that. That’s why as a construction labourer agency we have developed a streamlined recruitment process where we aim to promptly review your application and connecting you with construction job openings. This helps us to reduce any unnecessary delays and get you matched with your building and construction jobs as quickly as possible.

As you set foot on the path toward a promising career, we stand alongside as your dedicated guide and supporter and apply for positions with building companies and tradesmen on your behalf. From simplifying the application process to providing insights into the city’s civil and building landscape, our commitment to your success remains unwavering. Together, we’re building the foundation for a future brimming with possibilities for jobs in construction. So take that decisive step today, and let us propel you toward a fulfilling tomorrow within Canberra’s thriving building and development landscape.

Unlocking Your Potential:

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed in getting jobs construction sector wide. That’s why we meticulously connect your unique talents with building jobs that align with your aspirations, setting you up for a rewarding and prosperous career.

A City of Opportunities:

Canberra’s dynamic cityscape serves as the backdrop for your journey in getting jobs in construction industry. Our mission is to ensure your skills become an integral part of its growth and development, allowing you to contribute to the city’s development.

construction worker jobs

Guiding Your Journey: 

Our aim is simple yet impactful – to help your skills get you the best jobs in building and construction sector. As you embark on your career journey, we provide unwavering support and valuable connections that pave the way for growth and success.

Embarking on a Fulfilling Journey with Labour Work Canberra Wide

Are you seeking an avenue to put your physical skills and dedication to good use? Labour work in Canberra presents a promising path for individuals who thrive in hands-on labour construction roles. From building sites to various manual tasks, we offer a wide spectrum of construction labour opportunities that demand hard work and commitment.  Embrace the opportunity to play a vital role in shaping the city’s landscape through labour work that promises not only monetary rewards but also the satisfaction of contributing to the city’s development.

Opening Doors for Skilled Labour in Construction: Your Path to Opportunity

Our construction labour agency understands the pivotal role that skilled labourers play in bringing building projects to life. Whether you’re an experienced carpenter, an adept electrician, a meticulous mason or bricklayer, or any other skilled tradesmen looking for jobs in building in construction, we have job openings that align with your skills and passion.

Joining our construction job network means you will get access to opportunities to work on jobs in building and construction that challenge and showcase your abilities. From residential developments to commercial complexes, infrastructure projects to architectural marvels, your skillset will find a platform to shine. Our commitment to your growth and job satisfaction ensures you’re and integral part of a dynamic industry that shapes our surroundings.

By choosing us as your partner, you’re embarking on a journey where your skills are recognised, respected, and rewarded. Take the next step in your career as a skilled labourer and be part of civic ventures that leave a lasting impact.

Your Success is Our Priority:

From the application process to landing the construction work and beyond, we’re by your side. Our user-friendly approach ensures that you can effortlessly navigate the process, whether you’re an experienced tradesperson or just starting out looking for labouring work.

Your Tomorrow Starts Here:

The building landscape in Canberra is calling you – and we’re here to get you an answer. Join us today and take that vital step toward a brighter, more fulfilling future in the construction industry.

Recent Testimonials.

"I highly recommend the recruitment services of Canberra Labour Hire. They have been a game-changer for our organisation in finding labourers, qualified trades-people and office staff. I encourage fellow employers to consider their services.
"From the moment we connected with this agency, we felt the difference between dealing with a larger firm to a smaller company. They made us feel like an important client and not just a number like others, and we highly recommend them to anyone."
"What sets CLH apart is their ability to source and attract the right people we need. We simply call them and tell them our needs, and they have the extensive network and recruitment strategies to source the talent we need."
"The team are highly skilled and dedicated professionals that not only possess an in-depth understanding of our industry but also take the time to grasp our company culture, values, and vision comprehensively."
"Over time, we've come to rely on their extensive network and effective recruitment strategies. Their extensive network and recruitment strategies have consistently presented us with a pool of exceptional individuals and contributing significantly to our projects and overall success"
"Their team is highly responsive, proactive, and attentive, providing regular updates and feedback that foster transparency and trust. They understand the urgency of filling crucial positions and work diligently to help you."

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The city of Canberra is currently abuzz with building activities, with several prominent areas undergoing significant development. Notable suburbs such as Braddon and Kingston are witnessing a flurry of construction, reshaping their urban landscapes. In key locations like Belconnen, Gungahlin, and Woden Valley, new construction projects are springing up, including residential complexes and commercial spaces that promise to redefine the city’s skyline. Meanwhile, the growth of Molonglo Valley is capturing attention as it transforms into a vibrant neighborhood, while Tuggeranong is experiencing infrastructure enhancements that contribute to improved connectivity and accessibility.

These bustling construction efforts in Canberra’s pivotal suburbs reflect the city’s ongoing evolution and create ample opportunities for skilled workers to play a vital role in shaping its dynamic future.

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