Is It A Good Idea To Call About A Job Application?

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The process of a job application — from cleaning up your resume to attending the actual interview — can be stressful and cause a bit of anxiety. This can especially be true when making the decision on whether or not to call about your application. However, it may be surprising to hear that taking this initiative can really help you out.

It’s definitely a good idea to call about a job application and follow up with a company you’ve applied to. A phone call makes a stronger impression with recruiters, capturing their attention and makes you a standout applicant. It also allows you to gain more information to succeed in your interview.

It’s not rude to follow up on a job application at all. Below we’re going to talk about everything you should know to prepare for that call!

Why it is a great idea to call about a job application!

During a job application process, it can often feel like there are a lot of unknowns. After submitting an application and even after doing an interview, there seems to be a lingering feeling of anxiety and worry. These negative thoughts usually have to do with a fear of the unknown as a job candidate and can cause many questions to pop into your brain.

“Did I submit all of my forms correctly?”, “When will I be told whether or not I got the position?”, “What can I do to stand out from the other applicants?”

Fortunately, many of these questions can be answered simply by calling the company. The only time it is bad to call about a job application is if the recruiter has requested you not to contact them. Other than that, calling is a great action for you to take!

You can gain a competitive edge over other candidates looking for a job just by making an official call following up with the employer.

This is especially true when considering that you will be making a personal, one on one connection with the recruiter right from the start. Taking this step opens the door to a world of opportunities and helps you to learn more about the qualities the employer is looking for.

During application processes, recruiters often have several options for who they think might fit well in the position. It can be difficult for them to make a final choice. But a call from you can implant into their minds that you are truly passionate about becoming a part of the team.

Along with this, a phone call is one of the easiest, most direct ways to get into contact with a recruiter.

People who do decide to contact the company they are applying to during the application process often use email. But a phone call has many more advantages. It not only allows you to get an immediate response but also allows the recruiter/employer a quick look at your personality beyond what’s on paper. This is a time when a phone call is better than an email!

What do you say when calling about a job application?

Before jumping into calling the employer, it’s a great idea to have a plan written down for what you want to say during the call. Having a basic outline of what you want to say can help keep you on track during the conversation. It stops you from forgetting the ideas that you are wanting to share. It can even be a good idea to rehearse the conversation a little bit just so you can be more at ease in the moment.

Is it OK to call a job after applying?In terms of the content of the actual discussion, there are some basic things that you should make sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Job applied for
  • Day of interview (if it has been)
  • A thank you
  • Invitation to call back with questions
  • Your phone number.

Don’t be afraid to slip in skills your job has taught you. You can ask them questions that will give you more insight into what they’re looking for in their employees. You can also ask how to best prepare for the job if you are to get it. This gives you more information about the expected time to be good at the job. One important thing to note is that the call should be brief. You don’t want to overload the recruiter with a ton of information that will distract them or make you seem pushy.

Is it appropriate to call after submitting an application?

Most people think that they should wait two weeks after submitting their application to call. But the truth is that making a phone call earlier can serve your best interests. In fact, completing a call shortly after your application has been submitted can help you make sure that it has been submitted and received properly. You can check that your email made it to the right inbox.

One main reason that this is often successful is because of the complications involved in existing hiring procedures.

Many companies use applicant tracking systems that often result in applications falling through the cracks. This means they never make it into the hands of the people who oversee the applications.

Making a phone call after applying for a job increases your chances of making it to the next level because of the keen interest shown. Your call makes sure your application is seen. Also, since many applicants don’t call, you stand out and are remembered by voice and personality.

A lot of recruiters base the decision of moving forward with an application on an initial phone conversation. This is why it is encouraged for you to reach out to a recruitment place, such as Canberra Labour Hire. You can use the opportunity to express your interest in the job. The recruiters will take note of your initiative, highlighting it as a positive on your application.

How long should you wait to follow up on a job application?

The time to wait before following up on your job application varies depending on where you are in the process. It’s a good idea to contact the employer within a week of submitting your application to relieve any worries that problems occurred with the submission. You can be sure that your application was received, and you are proving that you are a serious candidate to the employer.

Should a job applicant call to show their interest in the jobYou should also contact the employer after your interview to follow up with the status of your application and to have any further questions answered. The timing for this varies. In your interview, ask about when you might hear back from them and use this timeframe to guide your follow up call.

As we mentioned earlier, many individuals wait a couple of weeks before they decide to contact the company they applied to. The number of these people who actually call is low, especially as a lot of people don’t follow up at all.

In many cases, it can even be a good idea to make this call before you submit your application. You can find out more information about what they’re looking for and address that in your resume and cover letter. After making the first call, it is a good idea to wait two weeks before following up again just so you don’t pressure them or overdo it.

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