Is It Bad To Apply To Multiple Jobs At The Same Time?

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There can be a lot to job hunting and questions around how many positions to apply for is part of it. Is it bad to apply to multiple jobs at the same time?

Applying for multiple jobs at the same time increases the chances of receiving interviews and job offers sooner. But it’s important to not apply to too many jobs because it’s easy to lose track of the different positions. Only apply to companies and roles that you are eager and qualified to work at.

Let’s talk all about applying to multiple jobs at once.

Is it a good idea to apply for multiple jobs at once?

Applying to multiple jobs at once is a great way to increase your chances of getting called for interviews. You have a higher chance of hearing back about multiple positions by applying to over 20 jobs, than if you only apply to 5.

How many jobs should you apply for at the same time?You should be sending your resumé to jobs where you have the requisite knowledge, experience, and qualifications. But, also, only with companies that you would be happy to work at. It’s important to research different companies when applying to multiple jobs at once. This will help you learn about the expectation and values of each company before sending in your CV.

You shouldn’t be applying to any job out of pure desperation for work unless you really need the financial support. To continue to grow your career, the best thing you can do is apply for multiple jobs at once at companies that you would be eager to work for. This increases your chance of landing an interview while avoiding being accepted for a position that you don’t actually want.

It’s good to apply for multiple jobs at once because you don’t want to miss out on an employment opportunity. While you’re waiting to hear back about one application, three other job advertisements could close for positions that you were really interested in. Then what happens if you never hear back about the one application you were waiting on? You should be taking every opportunity to apply for work that interests you until you are employed.

How many jobs should you apply for in a week?

You shouldn’t apply for more than 15 jobs in a week because then you will lose track of your job applications. It’s important to remember that you should be adjusting your resumé and cover letter to better suit each position that you apply for. This will add extra time to the job application process but can be the factor that lands you an interview. It’s an important step that shouldn’t be rushed or forgotten about because you are trying to apply for too many positions in one week.Can you apply to multiple jobs at one company?

Once you have applied for 15 jobs, it’s good to not apply for more jobs for a fortnight. This gives the companies that you have applied to time to look through resumés and get back to you. At the end of this fortnight, you can follow up with a company or recruitment company that you are really interested in. If you haven’t landed any interviews after this, get back to applying for multiple jobs.

Can I apply for multiple jobs at the same company?

You can apply for multiple jobs at the same company, depending on the type of positions you are looking at. It’s common for companies to have multiple jobs open at one time that you could qualify for. But you should not apply for more than two positions at the same company. If you put in an application for multiple jobs that are all quite different, your application won’t appeal to the recruiters. They will see this as desperation for work and not eagerness to work for the company. But, if you apply to two positions with similar skills and qualification requirements, you can explain in your cover letter that you fit either role. You should also mention what you know about the company and why you would like to work for them.

In these cases, recruiters can see why you have applied for two positions at the same company. They will also learn a bit about your passion for the work and flexibility in your training to qualify for two roles.

A common example of workers applying for multiple jobs at one company can include labour hire. A worker experienced in operating construction machinery could apply for work as a telehandler driver and a forklift driver. In the construction industry, there are a lot of crossovers of skills that allow workers to apply for multiple jobs at the same company.

Should I stop applying after landing my first interview?

Should you stop applying to jobs after an interview?You should not stop applying for jobs after landing your first interview. Before doing this, ensure that you have a physical offer. Without a physical offer, the job is not yours! Even if the recruiter implied that you were the best candidate for the job, that is not a guarantee.

Leaving an interview feeling confident and positive that you’ll get the job is a motivating mindset and one you need to maintain. But that does not mean you should stop job hunting. Organisations interview many candidates that could be more qualified than you or deemed to be a better fit for the company.

You should also consider the fact that companies can also have different wait times before hiring someone. If it is a very big role, the recruiters could take days, weeks, sometimes months, before offering you the position. This is part of the whole application process. At this time, you should be applying to multiple jobs as a backup plan in case you don’t receive an offer after that interview.

The best-case scenario would be you landing multiple job interviews and then multiple job offers. This gives you more options in deciding what path to take for your career. Then you get the choice of ultimately picking the position with the best benefits and challenges for you. Without applying to multiple jobs at once, you don’t give yourself this opportunity.

The job application process is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. You want to make sure that you do everything right along the way. Have you wondered if you should call about a job application? Sometimes you successfully make it through the hiring process, but then a job turns out different than advertised. We have lots of work guidance and more on our Canberra Labour Hire blog! If you’re looking to hire labour workers in Canberra, reach out and let us help you find the perfect person for the job!