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Canberra Labour Hire.

Specialist Labour hire company for Canberra’s Civil, Residential and Commercial sectors.

Need labourers?

Only $57.91 per hour.

Welcome to Canberra Labour Hire.

We are a local family-owned and operated business that has steadily grown due to our unwavering commitment to strong ethics, values, and high professional standards.

We provide labour services to all suburbs of Canberra, such as Fyshwick, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Belconnen, Woden, and Tuggeranong as well as neighbouring NSW towns, such as Queanbeyan, Goulburn and Bungendore.

Call 0433 704 567 – General Labourers from $57.91 per hour.

Canberra Labour hire experience

We Provide Clients With Two Options.

You can use us to engage source casual labour hire with the option of permanent placement.

Labour Hire or
Temporary Hire.

Temporary labour service enables our clients to hire people as and when needed. A minimum four-hour shift applies, and fees start at $57.91 per hour. People qualified and placed within 24 hours.

Temporary To
Permanent Hire.

Our temporary-to-permanent hire model allows employers to trial and evaluate each candidate before making a hiring decision. Unlike others, we only charge a fixed fee of $4,950 plus GST.

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Option 1 - Labour Hire Services.

General Labourers from $57.91 Per Hour.

We simply generate a monthly invoice which accurately reflects the hours worked by the individual.

candidate enquiry

Candidate Enquiry.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly provide you with our terms and conditions for your review and agreement.

Source Candidates

Source Candidates.

Our team will review the current pool of candidates to determine their availability and evaluate their suitability.

Candidates Placed.

We will verify with you the attendees and register them on our mobile application to streamline the timesheet process.

We pay candidates

We Pay Candidates.

We will verify the hours worked by each candidate, and subsequently, we shall issue an invoice to you while we pay the candidate.

Option 2 - Temporary To Permanent Hire.

Employers pay a FIXED FEE of $4,950.00 plus GST if you choose to hire the candidate.

A recommended approach would be to conduct a trial period for two weeks to evaluate the candidate’s compatibility before considering hiring them. Our services are available to assist with hiring for any role of your choice.

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We Advertise.

We will design your ad and advertise the job opening on various job platforms and socials.

candidate pairing

We Assess.

Our team will review every resume and carefully select candidates for an interview.

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We Interview.

We will personally meet with each candidate and conduct an in-person interview.

permanent recruitment or labour hire

You Trial or Hire.

Our team will present you with a minimum of three candidates for you to trial or hire.

Call Us To Discuss Your Needs.

What can we help you with today?

We are here to assist you. Kindly inform us of your needs, and we will find your desired role and experience.

Why Canberra Labour Hire?

We're affordable, highly reliable and we handle everything for you.

Our clients can rest assured knowing that we handle all the necessary administrative tasks, such as payroll, tax compliance, employment regulations, and leave and benefits management.

flexible jobs


Our services offer construction companies the flexibility to adjust their workforce according to the requirements of their projects with ease.

Scale your Workforce


With our services, construction companies can easily modify their workforce without incurring the challenges and costs of recruiting permanent staff.

temporary staffing options

No Commitment.

Our services enable construction companies to access a pool of skilled labour without the need for a long-term financial commitment or incurring any related expenses.

best value staffing

Save Time & Money.

We provide a range of services, including candidate pre-screening, which helps our clients save money on advertising and the expenses associated with screening.

Recent Testimonials.

Our small business now uses Canberra Labour Hire every time we need staff.

The entire recruitment process is all taken care of by Canberra Labour Hire in a timely, proactive and professional manner. Most importantly, we are presented with pre-screened, high-quality candidates who we can trial with no commitment, or with the option of hiring permanently.

Canberra Labour Hire undoubtedly saved us a lot of time, money and stress about recruiting and we highly recommend them for all recruitment services.
"I highly recommend the recruitment services of Canberra Labour Hire. They have been a game-changer for our organisation in finding labourers, qualified trades-people and office staff. I encourage fellow employers to consider their services."
best company
"From the moment we connected with Canberra Labor Hire, we felt the difference between dealing with a larger firm to a smaller company. They made us feel like an important client and not just a number like others, and we highly recommend them to anyone."
best company
"What sets Canberra Labour Hire apart is their ability to source and attract the right people we need. We simply call them and tell them our needs, and they have the extensive network and recruitment strategies to source the talent we need."
best company
"The team and Canberra Labour Hire are highly skilled and dedicated professionals that not only possess an in-depth understanding of our industry but also take the time to grasp our company culture, values, and vision comprehensively."
best company
"What sets Canberra Labour Hire apart is their ability to source and attract the right people we need. Their extensive network and recruitment strategies have consistently presented us with a pool of exceptional individuals."
best company
"Canberra Labour Hire, throughout the recruitment journey, has been exemplary. Their team is highly responsive, proactive, and attentive, providing regular updates and feedback that foster transparency and trust. They understand the urgency of filling crucial positions and work diligently to help you."
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How Can
We help You?

For Work?


We support hundreds of job seekers who are looking for both casual and permanent roles. As a small agency, we can offer reliable work opportunities that may lead to full-time employment.

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To Hire?

We have designed our talent search service with great care to help you find the right candidates for your company. We have a strict process for finding candidates and are proud of our successful track record of matching employers with the right employees.

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Benefits of Using Canberra Labour Hire Contractors.

Scale Your Team Fast.

We are here to assist you in meeting unexpected peaks and demands.

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Save So Much Money.

No need to spend any money of advertising and interviewing.

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Test Before You Commit.

No need to commit to full-time employment, try them first.

Unlock your business potential with your local Labour Hire Agency.

Efficient workforce management: The benefits of partnering with labour-hire agencies

Staffing Hire Agencies Unlock a World of Talent: 

Harness the power of our workforce hire and recruitment agency to tap into an extensive network of exceptional, pre-screened candidates. Access top-tier talent ready to hit the ground running and contribute to your business’s success.

Stay Agile and Competitive: 

Our staffing agency provides the agility to stay ahead of the competition. Seamlessly adjust your workforce based on demand fluctuations, seasonal peaks, employee absenteeism or project requirements. Scale up or down effortlessly with hire labour, ensuring your business remains agile and cost-effective.

Save Time, Save Money: 

Cut through the recruitment maze and let our agency handle the heavy lifting. Our experienced team oversees sourcing, screening, and vetting candidates, saving you valuable time and costly recruitment expenses. Focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Expertise that Empowers: 

Leverage our recruitment expertise and deep industry knowledge to your advantage. We stay up-to-date with employment regulations, ensuring your hiring process remains compliant. Rely on our expertise to mitigate hiring risks and avoid costly legal pitfalls.

Why choose Canberra Labour Hire

Streamlined Operations, Elevated Productivity: 

By partnering with our labour agency, streamline your operations and unlock new levels of productivity. Say goodbye to time-consuming administrative tasks, such as payroll and employee benefits management.

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Rapid Staff Replacement:

We've got you covered in the rare instance that a temporary employee isn't the perfect fit for you. Our staffing agency swiftly provides a replacement candidate, sparing you the hassle of restarting the recruitment process and helping you stay focused on your business goals.

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Maximise Onboarding Efficiency:

Benefit from candidates who bring industry experience and relevant skills to the table. Our staffing agency ensures a seamless transition, reducing onboarding and training time. Watch as your new team members quickly integrate, boosting productivity and minimising disruption.

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Workforce Tailored to Your Needs:

Access our vast pool of specialised talent, meticulously handpicked to meet your unique requirements. Whether you're seeking niche skills or specific expertise, we deliver candidates who can hit the ground running and contribute from day one.

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Gain Peace of Mind:

Reduce your hiring-related stress with our labor hire agency. We assume the risk by offering a trial period for temporary staff. If a placement doesn't work out, we take responsibility for finding a suitable replacement, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

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Focus on What Matters:

Free up your time and energy to focus on your core competencies and strategic objectives. With our Canberra Labour by your side, you can devote your resources to driving growth, enhancing customer experiences, and achieving your business goals.

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The Significance of Labour and Recruitment Agencies in Canberra's Regional Development

Fueling Economic Growth, Workforce Flexibility, and Talent Acquisition in the Capital City

Here at Canberra Labour, we play a crucial role in supporting the region by fulfilling various employment needs and contributing to its economic growth.  As a recruitment and labour agency we supporting the region’s businesses, addressing workforce demands, driving economic growth, and ensuring efficient and compliant recruitment practices. Our presence contributes to the overall prosperity and development of the Canberra community. Here are a few reasons why we are important to the region:

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Meeting Workforce Demand: 

Canberra is home to a diverse range of industries, including government, defense, education, and technology. We help bridge the gap between employer demand and available talent by providing a pool of qualified and skilled workers to meet the specific requirements of these industries.

Supporting Business Flexibility: 

Canberra’s business landscape often experiences fluctuations in demand, particularly in sectors like tourism, events, and seasonal industries. By hiring out our staff to businesses we can offer the flexibility for others to quickly scale up or down their workforce based on these fluctuations, allowing businesses to remain agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

Facilitating Economic Growth: 

By connecting job seekers with employers, recruitment and labour agencies contribute to the overall economic growth of the region. They help create employment opportunities, reduce unemployment rates, and stimulate economic activity by ensuring a steady supply of skilled workers to support local businesses.

Access to Specialised Skills: 

Canberra is known for its thriving research, education, and technology sectors. Hire labour can provide access to a wide range of specialised skills and expertise needed in these industries, which may otherwise be challenging for employers to find through traditional recruitment methods. This enables businesses to tap into a diverse talent pool and drive innovation and growth.

Compliance with Employment Regulations: 

We are well-versed in local employment laws and regulations and ensure that the hiring process adheres to legal requirements, minimising the risk of non-compliance for both employers and employees. This ensures fair and equitable employment practices within the region.

Promoting Workforce Diversity and Inclusion: 

Labour agencies promote diversity and inclusion by connecting job seekers from various backgrounds with employers. They help create opportunities for individuals with different skill sets, experiences, and demographics, fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce within the Canberra region.